These 6 bad habits will kill you early

These 6 bad habits will kill you early

When people are young, they don’t take health issues seriously. As everyone knows, many seemingly insignificant habits and practices have already buried countless health risks for their future. Maybe it’s a small mistake for you now.Yang Shou has been reduced for a few years!

Take a look at the article below, if you don’t have it, then there is improvement!


hzh {display: none; }  犹记得当年20出头,风华正茂,你认为自己的活力永远也不会枯竭;为了让自己看起来更加成熟性感,每日手指间少不了香烟;夏日里更是抓Live every opportunity to showcase your youthful charm.

Time has passed, and now you have become a member of the ordinary people: like others, they are burdened with repayment of loans, and more income is used to plan all kinds of family matters. As for leisure and entertainment, it has already fallen into an extravagant luxury.

At this time, I am afraid that I will start to worry about how young people will recklessly give themselves a counterattack when they are reckless.

Smoking, drinking, Judy, sunbathing, what are the threats to the physical health of these seemingly young signs?

Let us find out.

  The first major harm: repeated weight loss hazards: The medical profession used to think that repeated weight loss will lead to metabolic disorders, decreased muscle density, and even sudden death, but the depth study has shown a qualitative trend for the above.

However, repeated weight loss, the impact of fattening on health is not optimistic.

Recent studies at the Washington Medical Center have shown that long-term immune decline in the body has been repeated.

Although not yet aware of the specific reasons, the researchers found that repeated weight loss reduced cell viability and the ability to fight colds, infections and early cancer cells.

  Improvement method: For those who are overweight, reduce 4.

5 kg of body weight can reduce the incidence of high blood pressure and diabetes. It is of course more healthy to lose excess excess than to drag the excess meat, but the key is how to defend your weight loss results.

First, we must address the causes of obesity, replace the unhealthy lifestyles and habits of the past; then take practical actions, scientifically lose weight according to the advice of nutritionists and their own ability to accept weight loss, and lose weight – both to control excessive diet and to ensure dailyThe amount of nutrients required by the human body.

Once again, regular exercise can both reduce body pressure and promote temporary burning, making the effect of weight loss more significant and lasting.

Finally, no matter how good the weight loss method is, it requires the perseverance of the dieter to cooperate.

  The second biggest harm: love sunbathing harm: Many people think that sunbathing can not only bring fascinating skin to themselves but also be healthy.

But don’t look at the sun’s brightness – sunbathing that is constant or too long may cause skin cancer and premature aging (such as spots, wrinkles, sagging skin and broken capillaries).

Although no one can prove the extent of direct causality between sunbathing itself and skin cancer, studies have shown that those who have experienced sunburn have a melanoma (the highest mortality rate in skin cancer)Higher than others.

A recent study showed that among all people who like sunbathing, people with white races may have melanoma more than three times as high as other people.

From the way of sunbathing, “artificial” sunbathing is somewhat harmful because the skin absorbs a fairly concentrated amount of ultraviolet light in a short period of time.

  Improvement measures (medium effect): From sunburn to diseased skin cancer, can you experience a 10?
30 years of incubation.

So if you have been burned by the sun when you were a child, you must be vigilant now.

Check your body’s skin every month to see if there are any new bones, whether there is any old discomfort, distorted, and if you find any suspicious symptoms, seek medical attention immediately.

At the same time, if someone with a ulcer on your body or someone who is sunbathing often has skin cancer, you should also have a professional skin test every year.

Of course, there is one more basic point: no longer expose to direct sunlight without applying sunscreen.

  The third major hazard: often in a noisy environmental hazard: when you are young and rock-loving, you will find that your hearing is not as good as before.

Frequently in a noisy environment, it is easy for the auditory system to reduce the ability to receive sound waves in the middle wave. Sometimes it is difficult to hear what others are saying, especially when there is noise around.

As we grow older, people are then slower to expand their higher diversity, and thus, the ability to listen to high-pitched sounds, such as doorbells, is reduced.

  Improvement measures: Loss of hearing is irreparable.

But we can take action to avoid the continued decline in hearing.

For example, when watching TV, listening to music, the intention is to make the volume smaller, and use an earmuff or the like when using a noise-conducting electric appliance such as a vacuum cleaner.

If you often squeak in your ear, you may have tinnitus, which is a common disease for those who like to play music loudly.

Although there is no cure, if you have this symptom, you should seek medical advice in time. The brakes eliminate the possibility of other alternatives and understand how to relieve the symptoms.

  The fourth major harm: unprotected behavioral hazards: You are likely to be infected with infectious sexually transmitted diseases without any awareness.
Experts pointed out that about 75% of women carry chlamydia, but there is no clinical symptoms, and most women with lymphopathy show only mild symptoms, such as urinary discomfort or yellow liquid replacement in the vagina, they simply do not think they need treatment, noProtected sexual behavior can transmit these diseases to men.

In addition, 80% of male patients with genital herpes do not have obvious clinical symptoms such as pain.
A more in-depth study found that up to 75% of men suffer from human papillomavirus (HPV), which is currently the most common infectious sexually transmitted disease.

It usually has no obvious symptoms, but it can cause cervical cancer if it is transmitted to women without timely treatment.

  Improvements: If you don’t regularly check your body’s habits, you should ask yourself to do this today.

In the face of a doctor, you must openly refer to your sexual situation.

Herpes is a chronic disease in which medication can be used to control the progression of the disease and to avoid pain and infection.

  The fifth biggest harm: Revival wine.

hzh {display: none; }  危害:酗酒很容易导致酒精中毒,尤其是在其直系亲属中有此类患者的情况下。The medical profession defines drinking wine as: drinking 5 or more bottles of beer at a time, or the alcohol content in the blood is at or above zero.


Because a lot of alcohol kills brain nerve cells, it will lead to memory loss in the long run.

It may also cause liver diseases such as juvenile liver and cirrhosis. In severe cases, liver transplantation is necessary to preserve life.

  Ways to improve: If you are not yet dependent on alcohol, then from now on, give yourself a maximum of one beer per day.

As alcohol intake decreases, the liver is likely to return to normal.

At the same time, although we can’t resurrect dead brain cells, as long as there is not a lot of alcohol stimulation, the brain’s memory function will gradually recover.

  The sixth major hazard: the danger of smoking: Unless you are a light smoker who occasionally “meanings” for entertainment, or a heavy smoker who has been unreliable from cigarette days, the harmful ingredients contained in cigarettes will significantly improve you.Risk of cancer, lung cancer and other types of cancer.

Specifically, the proportion of cancer deaths due to smoking can account for 30% of all cancer deaths.

  Remedy: For those old smokers who have been for years or even decades, is there any way to save health?

The answer is to quit smoking.

Experts pointed out that even if the time to quit smoking is only one year, it can effectively reduce the risk of heart disease by more than half.

If you can persist for more than 15 years, the risk of cardiovascular disease will return to the level of never-smokers.

Regarding the prevention of lung cancer, the researchers found that those who quit smoking for 5 years may be half as likely to suffer from lung cancer as those who smoke, and those who quit smoking for 10 years may be reduced to normal levels.

During the smoking cessation period, you should eat more fruits and vegetables of antioxidants, which can promote the repair of cells and eliminate cancer-causing free radicals in the body.

At the same time, you should actively participate in exercise to strengthen lung function and promote blood circulation in the lungs.