Dietary fattening skills

Dietary fattening skills

In fact, there are a lot of skills in the daily diet can make people fat, thinners may wish to try, such as: conditioning the spleen and stomach function; three meals at a time, eat snacks one hour before the meal; three kinds of meals are rich and varied, need balanced nutrition and so on.


The function of spleen and stomach (digestion) for regulating spleen and stomach function is mostly bad, not loss of appetite, or poor digestion and absorption, so there is not much meat in the body.

Therefore, people who want to gain weight must first replenish their spleen and stomach!

  In addition, while conditioning the spleen and stomach, you must avoid the intake of acid-cold foods (including slag, lemon, orange, vinegar, lettuce, kimchi, etc.) that are detrimental to the function of the spleen and stomach, and indigestible high-fiber vegetables (such as amaranth, celery, etc.)And high-fat foods should not be eaten (such as chocolate, fried food, etc.)!

The foods that can replenish the spleen and stomach include lotus seeds, Chinese yam, lentils, purple rice, red dates, pork belly, and coix seed. The most representative foods are Sishen pork belly (small intestine) and yam ribs.

  Traditional Chinese medicine says that the thinner is more fire, that is, the dry and thinner are mostly the hot physique of yin deficiency. This fire refers to the virtual fire caused by yin deficiency, so the diet should be based on nourishing yin and clearing heat, and should avoid hot, spicy and so on.Food that helps to spread fire, a small amount of onions, garlic, pepper, shrimp, crab and other foods.

The characteristics of this type of patient are that the tongue is very red, the tongue is less, and the granules are dry and knotted. This is caused by the spleen deficiency.

The digestive juices of gastric juice, plasma, saliva, etc., all of which belong to traditional Chinese medicine, are difficult to digest, absorb, and utilize the foods eaten in the stomach. These patients will only bring a lot of food.The burden of gastrointestinal scale, not to want long meat.

In response to this disease, Chinese medicine uses the method of replenishing spleen and yin to treat it. A four-dead of 50 yuan has the effect of replenishing spleen and yin deficiency. The pig’s belly and pig intestine contain enzyme ingredients, which can help the medicine and play the appetizer.Absorption function.

  In addition, the general wrong impression is that high-fat foods (such as chocolate, fried foods, etc.) are most likely to gain weight. In fact, people with weak spleen and stomach have poor digestion with oil, so they tend to accumulate in the digestive tract and cannot be digested or absorbed.It will only increase the burden on the spleen and stomach and make the spleen and stomach more weak.

Therefore, if you want to adjust the health of the spleen and stomach, you should completely quit the foods, eat more foods that can strengthen your spleen and stomach, and strengthen the spleen and stomach system.


Three meals at a time, one hour before meals, eat snacks, three meals should be regular, let the stomach develop normal operating habits, and avoid snacks one hour before the meal, so as not to affect the appetite, affecting the intake of the meal, even if you gain weight, you should alsoThree meals are the main source of nutrition and transfer intake.

  If you want to enhance the effect of fat-increasing, you can allow you to add two meals to the three meals. As for the food content of the meal, the food with low oil content and high protein content is better, like the light taste of the stone.Classes and natural grains, eat less junk food, so as not to increase fat, but increase the burden on the stomach!


The variety of three meals is rich and diverse, and the balanced nutrition can ensure the rebalance of nutrients. The best way is to use rice as the main food, so that it can match five kinds of foods such as fish, meat, vegetables and beans, so this kind of eating habit is absolutely original Western style.Diet, like to eat only sandwiches, burgers should quickly correct their eating habits 4 .

Reasonable distribution of three meals intake is very important, because breakfast is the first meal after yesterday’s dinner, so the proportion of dietary intake should not be just casually dealt with. In principle, the proportion of the three meals should be similar, the proportion of distributionIt should be: breakfast accounts for 25-30% of total conversions throughout the day; lunch accounts for 30-35% of total conversions throughout the day; dinner accounts for 25-30% of total conversions throughout the day.


Moderately increase the amount of fecal intake. It is said that the thinner is more fired. Therefore, if you eat more fried foods, you will not be able to get the aunts that the body needs. Instead, it will add fire to the fire, and it will block the secretion of gastric acid and cause a burden on the stomach.

Cream, pork belly is a good choice, as long as it does not cause symptoms of dyspepsia such as diarrhea or abdominal distension, it is suitable for the intake of sputum, water should be taken carefully.


More intake of mineral zinc minerals zinc can promote hormone secretion, promote human development, enhance sexual organ function, and it can stimulate our taste organs, let the rice taste and taste.

Zinc is widely found in milk, lean meat, oysters, clams, mushrooms, pumpkin seeds, beans, and walnuts.

Among them, in addition to zinc, oysters also have hormone-promoting substances that can help breast enlargement, and those who are thin can eat more!


Avoiding soup or beverage soup or drink as much as possible will change the stomach acid, destroy the digestive capacity of the stomach, and cause bloating, which will affect the amount of food.

If you want to gain weight, if you have this habit, you should quit this bad habit as soon as possible, so as to avoid getting weaker and weaker in your stomach!