Mango makes you more sex and is full of food.

Mango makes you more “sex” and is full of food.

There is an important interdependence between food and human sexual function.
Both traditional medicine and modern medicine believe that the effects of strong sperm, impotence and kidney can be achieved through certain dietary choices, which can have a beneficial effect on sexual desire and sexual reactivity.
From the perspective of maintenance and regulatory functions, people should master the following principles in their daily nutrition choices.
  Eat more high-quality protein: High-quality protein mainly refers to animal protein and legume protein such as poultry, eggs, color and meat.
  Protein contains a variety of amino acids required for human activities. They are involved in the formation of human tissue cells including sexual organs and germ cells. For example, arginine is an important raw material for sperm production, and it has the functions of improving sexual function and eliminating fatigue.
  Soy products and fish contain more arginine.
Some animal foods contain sex hormones themselves.
  Enzyme is a special protein that has catalytic activity in the body, which can accelerate chemical reactions and has a great effect on human health.
In the absence of enzymes in the body, there may be a decline in function, including a decline in sexual function, or even loss of fertility.
Enzymes exist in various foods. When cooking food, the temperature is too high and too long, especially the methods of frying, roasting, frying, etc., easily destroy the enzyme.
  Some scholars in Japan have pointed out that abalone, octopus, and clams such as clams, oysters, burmese, snails, and sea fans are rich in amino acids and are effective strong foods.
The slippery aquatic products also have a strong effect, such as salmon, loach, and squid.
  Ingesting the right amount of fat: In recent years, adult men have been worried about obesity and heart disease because they are worried about high cholesterol. Therefore, the principle of less intake has been adopted.
However, from the perspective of maintenance of sexual function, a certain amount of fat should be properly accessed.
Because the sex hormones (male, estrogen) in the human body are mainly converted from cholesterol in fat, the reduction of sex hormone secretion in long-term vegetarians is unfavorable for sexual function.
  In addition, fat contains some essential fatty acids that are required for production. When fatty acids are scarce, not only sperm production is affected but also libido is caused.
  The consumption of proper amount of fat also contributes to the absorption of fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A and vitamin E.
Meat, fish, and eggs contain more cholesterol. The proper intake is beneficial to the synthesis of sex hormones. In particular, animal viscera itself contains sex hormones and should be ingested.
  Vitamins and trace elements: Studies have shown that the lack of zinc in the human body can cause a decrease in the number of sperm, an increase in abnormalities, and a decline in sexual function and reproductive function, or even infertility.
  Both vitamin A and vitamin E have the effects of delaying aging and avoiding sexual decline, and have good effects on sperm production and improved activity.
Vitamin C also has a positive effect on the maintenance of sexual function.
  High-quality protein, especially animal liver, pancreas, meat, shellfish, milk, cereals, beans, potatoes, vegetables, brown sugar, zinc.
Liver, eggs, dairy products, fish, crab, shellfish, cabbage, spinach, leeks, celery, carrots, pumpkin, sweet potatoes, dried peppers, tomatoes and other vegetables contain vitamin A.
Grain embryos, egg yolks, beans, hard fruits, vegetable oils, chicken, wheat germ, cereals, bread, artificial oil, peanuts, and sesame contain vitamin E.
Fresh dates, various vegetables and fruits all contain a lot of vitamin C.
  Use sensitive foods with caution: Crude cottonseed oil, pig brain, sheep brain, rabbit meat, black fungus, melon, water chestnut, hemp seed, almond, etc. are considered to be unfavorable for sexual function.
The link of its influence is still not very clear, but the motherland medicine believes that they have adverse effects such as injury, yang, and cold and kidney.