Secret: 8 big fruit weight loss scam

Secret: 8 big fruit weight loss scam

Core Tip: The benefits of fruit seem to be inexhaustible: you can beauty and beauty, help digestion, and supplement the body’s needed nutrition.

Many people lose weight by eating fruits. They think that it is delicious and full, but not too “nourishing.”

Fruit turns into a panacea for health, beauty, and weight loss.

Is this really the case – to uncover the truth about the “eight remedies” of fruit slimming beauty.

  Recipe 1: The enzyme of pineapple can improve beauty and help digestion?

  Pineapple vitamin vitamin B1 can promote metabolism, eliminate fatigue, and enrich the fiber to make the digestion smoother.

If you like pineapple, you can eat it after a meal. Don’t eat it when the stomach bag is empty, otherwise it will be easily damaged by enzymes.

  Recipe 2: There is a lemon vinegar on the market, can you enjoy beauty?

  Citric acid vitamins can reduce the incidence of freckles, dark spots, and some whitening effects.

Lemon and vinegar also have the effect of breaking down tiny effects. After a meal, a small drink really makes you more beautiful.

But the acidity of lemon and vinegar is very high, and drinking or drinking too much on an empty stomach can hurt the stomach.

  Remedies 3: To lose weight quickly, is it effective to eat bananas with honey?

  Banana plasma glucose fiber can stimulate the gastrointestinal motility and help excretion.

If you don’t eat anything, just eat bananas and honey, the conversion is much lower than the dinner, and naturally it will be slimmed down.

However, in such a rapid weight loss, the body often reacts badly because it is not well adapted.

If you are relying on bananas for a long time, your body lacks specific nutrients such as protein and minerals, and your body will give you a dangerous alarm.

  Remedies 4: Can grapefruit replace some of the meals in the day to help you lose weight?

  Grapefruit vitamin C, sugar is not high, if you eat grapefruit instead of a meal, the conversion is of course low, if other food changes are also controlled properly, then naturally slim down.

However, if your constitution is weak, it is best to eat a few high-fibre soda crackers to prevent stomach pain caused by acidity that may not be affected by fasting.

  Remeling 5: Continue to eat “apple meal” can lose weight?

  Apples are low-calorie, high-nutrition fruits, and as such, many people use it for weight-loss meals.

You should know that compared with general meals, apples are much less transformed, and of course they will be slimmed down. But in the long run, the imbalance of nutrition will change the body’s inability to eat, and once stopped, the weight will slowly rise.

  Remeling party 6: Are the two fruits that are included in the diet meal prepared by the dietitian?

  The weight loss spectrum listed by the nutritionist is adjusted according to each person’s different physique and needs. It is not fixed, and the matching fruit is different from person to person.

Therefore, definitely not only guava and tomato will be included in the weight loss menu.

  Recipe 7: Can you achieve the perfect weight loss effect by eating avocado?

  Avocado contains a large amount of unsaturated fatty acids, which is easy to cause satiety, and it becomes a weight loss for a short time. It does have a slimming effect, but it cannot be restored to a normal diet at a time. Otherwise, the stomach will be unsuitable.

In addition, although avocado contains plant mites, if you eat too much, the cumulative conversion is considerable.

  Remeling 8: Do you eat more wood to breast?

  There is no basis for this statement.

In addition to congenital genetic factors and acquired nutrition, it is unlikely that the chest will grow bigger by eating papaya.

However, papaya is indeed effective in promoting milk secretion for postpartum women.