[Health drink-brown sugar water, give you the best enjoyment]_ efficacy _ effect

[Health drink-brown sugar water, give you the best enjoyment]_ efficacy _ effect

It is really not easy to find a health drink suitable for you in the cold winter. The arrival of brown sugar water is for everyone’s enjoyment. An appropriate supplement can warm up the body, promote blood circulation and stasis, effectively improve elderly anemia, delay aging, improve irregular menstruation, etc.

It can be seen that brown sugar water can not warm up, and can also treat a variety of diseases, it can be described as a rare health drink.

(1) Warming up and warming the body, promoting blood circulation and removing blood stasis, brown sugar is warm, sweet and has the effect of activating blood circulation and removing blood stasis.

Winter is a bitter cold season. If you drink a bowl of brown sugar water every day, it is better than many expensive supplements.

In addition, brown sugar water can activate qi and blood and speed up blood circulation.

So in winter, especially those with cold, it is most suitable to drink a bowl of brown sugar water every day, which will keep you warm throughout the day!

(2) Effectively improve elderly anemia. It is easy for the elderly to have different degrees of body function. In addition, in the winter, the absorptive capacity of the stomach and intestines is even worse, gastrointestinal diseases cause insufficient iron metabolism, and the body’s bone marrow hematopoiesis is weakened., Resulting in insufficient hemoglobin production, so that many elderly people have anemia.

Traditional Chinese medicine believes that the warm brown sugar plays a role in invigorating blood by “warming and supplementing, warming through, and warming and dispersing”, which has the effect of nourishing qi and blood, and can effectively improve the anemia of the elderly!

(3) Delaying aging Drinking brown sugar water in winter can also delay aging and supplement many trace elements needed by the human body.

Such as: zinc, manganese, chromium, etc., also contains a small amount of riboflavin and carotene.

(4) Improving menstrual irregular brown sugar water is also helpful for women’s menstrual flow, which can keep the body warm, increase energy, activate qi and blood, speed up blood circulation, and menstrual flow will be smooth.

If you feel poor and have a bad complexion after menstruation, you can drink a cup of brown sugar water with a concentration of about 20% before lunch every day.

If the discomfort is severe, you can add another drink before dinner, which can be effectively improved for one week.

In addition to a few, brown sugar water can also be used topically. It also has the effect of detoxifying and moisturizing. Most of the older generations have experienced children stung by bees, the wounds are red and swollen, and the pain is unbearable. At this time, parents will replace them.The higher brown sugar water is applied to the redness and swelling, and the pain can be relieved after a while, and the redness and swelling will gradually disappear.

In autumn and winter, the skin suffers from itching due to cold and dryness. It can also be washed and washed with brown sugar water, which can effectively reduce the feeling of dry itching.