Thin people take you out of the misunderstanding of fattening

Thin people take you out of the misunderstanding of fattening

First, think that eating fattening drugs can increase fat!

  The role of fattening drugs is three points: one is to increase appetite; the other is to disrupt endocrine; the third is to prevent bowel movements.

  The fattening medicine is to fix the liver and kidney.

Any fattening drugs will inevitably rebound.

Generally, the fattening drugs are a bit effective at the time, the weight is rising, but the water is raised, the muscles are not increased, so the meat on the body is very soft, not too tight!

The shape looks ugly!

This kind of rebound is not to mention, but more importantly, it seriously damages your health!

If you want to gain weight later, it will be even harder!

  Health is a lifelong matter, so here we solemnly tell the fat friends who are fattening: can not eat, advertising can not be chaotic, do not increase the fat!

Love yourself, health-oriented!

It is not a last resort. It is best not to take fattening drugs and see the professional fattening and nutrition institutions that are arranged for you.

  Second, think that eating wild can increase fat!

  1. Many people mistakenly believe that the more you eat, the more you can increase. This is not the case.

If you eat too much food, your body will get enough and comprehensive nutrition to cause the rate to increase, the change will be easier to consume, and of course it will be easier to send, so blindly rushing will only make you more in the future.thin!

Face yellow muscle thin is inevitable!

  2, if you eat for a long time, when you return to normal food, the body will retaliate to refuse nutrition (because your body’s nutrition has been saturated for a long time), and quickly transform into water in the body, so the increase in fertilizer is food and rebound.It is moisture, and the same muscle consumes seven times as much calories consumed by excessive consumption. The boots cause problems more and more difficult to solve!

  3, human cells such as long-term over-nutrition will mutate, turn into nanoparticles, plant cancer after 20 years of development, long-term overnutrition is the only one of cancer; long-term violent eating will cause endocrine disorders, so violentIt will bring more health problems.

  Third, think that you can gain weight by sleeping alone!

  1. From the perspective, the muscle fiber type in the human body is divided into two types: slow red muscle and fast white muscle. Slow red muscle can relatively gain fat through sleep, while some fast white muscles will increase fatter through sleep, so they do not understand themselves.In the case of muscles, don’t blindly lose weight by exercise.

  2, although sleeping can increase the body’s content, but only by sleeping and fattening, the effect is not obvious.

Studies have shown that even if you sleep for dozens of hours a day, as long as you drink one more, two cans or a few biscuits, the hard-earning results will be turned into nothing.

And sleeping often makes it hard to stick, and many sleeps make your arms and legs thinner.

  3, a large number of people often open their mouths after sleeping, and the stomach is not easy to return to normal volume after the termination of sleep, of course, the weight quickly decreases, long hair.

Therefore, it is difficult to increase fat by sleeping alone!

  In order to successfully increase fat, you must do three things: First, good eating habits are the first factor!

  Second, nutrition should be comprehensive and balanced!

  Third, the universe must be controlled high!

  In this way, we can fatten healthily and do not rebound.